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Aamir Khan invites the Lagaan Team to his home to celebrate as film turns 21


Aamir Khan invites the Lagaan Team to his home to celebrate as film turns 21

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Oscar-nominated On June 15, 2022, Lagaan turned 21. The movie is also regarded as one of the best ones ever produced.

A celebration is in order because 21 years is a significant milestone. As a result, Aamir played host to the Lagaan actors and director Ashutosh Gowariker by inviting them to a gathering at his Mumbai home.

Irfan Pathan, a cricket player, was also spotted in a video uploaded to Instagram by Aamir Khan’s production company.

On June 15, 2001, the critically acclaimed film Lagaan came out. This year, on the specified date, the movie turned 21.

We were cheering for some festivities going place in the city even if we had already mentioned how the movie would soon be transformed into a West End production in the United Kingdom.

So it turned out. The actors of Lagaan enjoyed a good evening at Aamir Khan’s Mumbai home, according to a video uploaded on the account for his production company on Instagram.

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You would recognize the entire cast of the movie, as well as the Indian captain, Irfan Pathan and director, Ashutosh Gowariker, eating, joking around, and having fun at Aamir’s home.

See the video below.

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