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Actress Swathi Sathish end up with a swollen face after Root canal surgery


Actress Swathi Sathish end up with a swollen face after Root canal surgery

swathi sathish swollen face

Swathi Sathish, a Kannada actress, is currently dealing with one of her most challenging situations.

The actress recently underwent a root canal procedure, but as a result of her facial swelling and near-unrecognizability, she suffered a serious physical setback.

According to accounts, even 20 days after the treatment, her condition has not changed.

The dentist reportedly told the actress about the typical side effect and promised her that the swelling will subside in a few hours.

To Swathi’s surprise, though, her face remained bloated even two weeks after the surgery, and her condition only got worse over time. Meanwhile, images of her swollen face have been circulated online, horrifying netizens.

Swathi has allegedly accused the clinic of medical incompetence and is apparently mulling legal action against the team, according to a Kannada news channel.

Her professional responsibilities are currently in doubt due to her present health. With her face swollen, the actress was unable to leave her residence, making it impossible for her to promote her soon-to-be-released movies.

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According to the most recent reports, Swathi is getting treatment from a different hospital for her swollen face. The actress is now healing after receiving treatment at a different facility. The actress is well-known for her roles in movies like “FIR” and “6 to 6.”

Popular Kannada TV actress Chethana Raj passed away only a month ago as a result of complications following a botched cosmetic procedure.

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