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Adani Electricity uses sun, wind and AI to lower electricity bills for Mumbaikars


Adani Electricity uses sun, wind and AI to lower electricity bills for Mumbaikars

Mumbai, Feb 5 (IANS) Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd is making good use of abundant bright sunshine and free-flowing winds in its bid to ease the power woes of consumers in Mumbai. incorporating “Artificial Intelligence” to reduce electricity bills for residents of the country’s commercial capital.

This contrasts with the volatile market forces that affect traditional sources such as coal and gas, resulting in unpredictable price fluctuations, leaving citizens to face rising fuel costs and rising tariffs.

AEML officials say the game is simple: “the key to competitive and stable rates lies in renewable energy sources like solar and wind power” to keep monthly electricity bills affordable and within reasonable ranges.

With this clear mantra in mind, AEML set out to increase its renewable energy penetration in a big way for Mumbai – from just 3% by 2021 to a staggering 35% by 2024.

The strategy deployed was also unique and unprecedented anywhere, officials said.

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“We source renewable energy with a 50% Capacity Utilization Factor (CUF), significantly higher than the 30% typical of intermittent sources such as solar and wind,” said an official.

This was done by analyzing the demand curve of its 12 million consumers and “strategically adapting” solar-wind power to meet peak demand hours in the country’s commercial capital.

The benchmark “peak demand” during 2023-2024 was set at 2,161 MW, with an average peak of 1,500 MW and off-peak of 1,200 MW per day.

“At sunrise, solar power kicks in, meeting the surge in morning demand and at dusk, when the winds pick up, meeting the afternoon’s peak pressures on power needs,” he said. explain the official.

AEML has leveraged AI to achieve “near-perfect energy forecasting accuracy” and further optimize energy purchase costs and seamlessly integrate renewables.

Of the 700 MW of contracted hybrid energy, during the morning hours solar and wind generate about 500MW-700MW, and during the evening wind generates about 100MW-400MW, although these figures can vary monthly and seasonally, according to the manager.

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This approach has ensured reliable power supply to Mumbaikars who do a lot of power during peak hours, usually the most expensive period, courtesy of flat-rate renewable tariffs.

AEML flaunts results to show how its strategy has paid off for consumers, and by 2027 it hopes to supply 60 percent of Mumbai’s energy needs through “clean” or renewable energy sources.

In the last three years, AEML’s average residential rates have increased by around 4 per cent, compared to steep hikes proposed by other providers in Mumbai.

For example, at least one major power has proposed an impressive 201 percent increase in rates for its low-end users, while favoring sections of high-end consumers and even reducing bills for certain utility clientele huge

In Diwali 2023, AEML achieved an unprecedented major milestone when it supplied three million homes and establishments (comprising 12 million customers) with 1,200 MW of ‘clean power’ for 4 hours on a Sunday (10 am to 2 pm ) to avoid the whopping 9.84. billion kg of CO2 emissions.

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Officials proudly say that while other utilities struggle with outdated models, AEML consumers can breathe freely without unnecessary discharges, to enjoy reliable, affordable and green energy at all times.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in Guwahati on Sunday that the government is working to bring household electricity bills to zero.

While unveiling several key projects in Assam, Modi said, “We have executed programs to install electricity connections in every household in the country. Now we plan to make electricity bills zero.”

He said the installation of rooftop solar power plants for 1 crore households in the country will pave the way for achieving zero energy bills.

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