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Adipurush: Prabhas fans attack a man for criticism of the movie


Adipurush: Prabhas fans attack a man for criticism of the movie

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In response to criticism of their favourite actor Prabhas’ most recent film, Adipurush, the star’s followers allegedly beat up a moviegoer outside a theatre in Hyderabad.

A man is shown being beaten by a group of people in an unconfirmed video that has gone viral on social media after he criticised Om Raut’s directing and Prabhas’ portrayal of Raghav in the Friday-released film.

Prabhas didn’t look well in the (Ram) outfit. In the Baahubali movie, there existed monarchy and he was like a king. By observing his performance, he was chosen for this (the Ram) part. The user complained, “Om Raut failed to show Prabhas properly. Aside from a few scenes with Hanuman and the background music, I didn’t really enjoy the movie.”

He and other Telugu star fans got into an altercation over his remarks. It quickly escalated into a violent fight.

An audience member was assaulted in a different event for occupying Hanuman’s seat in the theatre.

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Additionally, the incident’s footage is making the rounds on social media.

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