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American Jesus gets adaptation as El Elegido in Netflix


American Jesus gets adaptation as El Elegido in Netflix

Netflix is still a fan of Mark Millar, despite the fact that Jupiter’s Legacy and Supercrooks did not perform as well as expected.

Starring in El Elegido is Tenoch Huerta, Marvel’s new Submariner. He’ll play the lead role in a film about a preteen who comes to the realization that he is the Messiah. Negatives? The child is responsible for making pre-Armageddon preparations.

El Elegido means “The Selected” in Spanish. In comparison to the first title, this one is less divisive. (Considering the preacher aired on free TV, anything goes.)

Summary of the TV show: “Jodie, a 12-year-old child in Baja California, learns he possesses Jesus-like skills, including the ability to turn water into wine, make the lame walk, and revive the dead! Jodie wants to save the world in order to please the woman he loves and to stand up to his bullies, but the evangelical and Yaqu leaders have other plans. Once Jodie learns the truth about who he is, everything changes.

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