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Apple Car ready to give you a ‘windowless’ virtual reality experience


Apple Car ready to give you a ‘windowless’ virtual reality experience

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While we still don’t know much about Apple’s impending vehicle, dubbed the “Apple Car,” the rumour mill is at work once more.

New rumors regarding Apple’s planned electric vehicles feature a windowless design, which went viral on social media last week thanks to an illustration.

VRScout was the first to report on an Apple patent application for an in-car infotainment system based on virtual reality principles.

“Apple’s self-driving car could have no windows and VR technology,” according to the Tweet.

Let’s Go Digital presented a prototype rendition of the Apple Car from two years ago in December 2020, which was used in this research. The Apple Car in this image appears like a black Apple Magic Mouse “with wheels added,” as Tom’s Guide correctly pointed out.

Apple Car, according to rumors, will be a lightless, windowless vehicle with passengers wearing virtual reality headsets. Apple Car’s parameters appear to be different in the actual patent, which initially published on Patently Apple two weeks ago. The latest patent makes reference to an AR/VR headgear for self-driving cars. According to this patent, users will be able to do anything a smartphone can do in a car, from video calls to watching movies.

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Apple, on the other hand, wants the experience to be more immersive. Virtual zombies may stalk a rider as the voyage advances, according to the patent. To give the user an immersive experience, the experience appears to be adjusted, including a car’s acceleration and braking. Apple Car could possibly include 4DX features like as wind blowing in your face and more.

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Are you concerned about motion sickness? Don’t, at least according to the patent. The Apple Car would use the capabilities of the virtual reality headset to provide passengers with a simulated image of the outside world. Around 2025, Apple could release an electric vehicle.

More Info:- VR Scout | Tom’s Guide

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