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Apple to pay $50 million for defective MacBook keyboards


Apple to pay $50 million for defective MacBook keyboards

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A US judge has granted a $50 million class-action settlement to handle customer claims against Apple for defective MacBook keyboards.

This is part of the Apple’s defective MacBook keyboard settlement.

Challenges to the settlement are rejected because the judge in the federal court in California found it to be fair and reasonable.

Eleven customers from various states filed the case, which claims that Apple did not adequately repair or offer technical support for butterfly keyboards made between 2015 and 2019.

Apple has denied doing anything improper. Depending on the size and type of their keyboard repairs, eligible class members will get reimbursement ranging from $50 to $395.

Despite concerns voiced regarding the sufficiency of the compensation, the settlement seeks to assist a sizable number of people, with over 86,000 payment claims already lodged.

In addition, the court granted the plaintiffs’ attorneys’ request for $15 million in legal expenses.

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