Ashok Gehlot praises Vasundhara Raje former CM of Rajasthan

vasundhara raje with ashok gehlot

Ashok Gehlot, chief minister of Rajasthan, said on Sunday that he was able to weather the rebellion of certain Congress MLAs in 2020 because Vasundhara Raje and Kailash Meghwal, leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party, refused to back a plot to overthrow an elected government using financial muscle.

Former Rajasthan chief minister Raje, on the other hand, has claimed that “Gehlot’s ‘praises’ is a big conspiracy” against her and that the Congress leader is lying because of dissent inside his party.

Gehlot also took jabs at the rogue Congress MLAs, saying they should give back the BJP cash they stole so they may do their jobs without interference.

In July of 2020, his then-deputy Sachin Pilot and eighteen other Congress MLAs rebelled against his rule. The issue that had been going on for a month was resolved thanks to the intervention of party leaders. The deputy chief minister and state Congress president, Pilot, was subsequently ousted from his positions.

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As the state party head, Gehlot stated during an event in Dholpur that he did not back the removal of the BJP government led by Bhairon Singh Shekhawat since it was unfair. Similarly, Raje and Meghwal stated that it is not in the culture of Rajasthan to remove an elected government.

Meghwal is a member of the state legislature and a former speaker of the parliament.

The regime of Bhairon Singh ji could have been overthrown at my whim. I warned that this was a highly immoral line of business. According to Gehlot, the sick man is receiving treatment in the United States because his condition was “critical” and his party officials were plotting to overthrow the government in his absence.

Next, he claimed, “Kailash Meghwal and Vasundhara Raje also said the same thing. What did he do wrong, they asked, “We have never had a tradition of bringing down elected governments on money power.”

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MLA Shobharani Kushwah, who voted for the Congress candidate in the Rajya Sabha election last year, was also commended by Gehlot.





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