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Bengal rural polls: violence continues unabated, 1 more dead


Bengal rural polls: violence continues unabated, 1 more dead

Bengal rural polls
Bengal rural polls

In the midst of the unrest leading up to the West Bengal panchayat elections on July 8, a candidate for the Bharatiya Janata Party’s brother-in-law was discovered dead from stab wounds in the Cooch Behar district.

On Saturday night, unidentified youngsters contacted Sambhu Das, who is about 30 years old, outside his residence, according to the police. His stabbed body was discovered close to a pond many hours later.

Nisith Pramanik, the Union Minister of State for the Home, who went to Das’ home to visit the grieving family, told reporters on Sunday that the youth was killed by criminals protected by the Trinamool Congress, and that the police and the supporters of the ruling party concocted “stories of love and extramarital affairs whenever an incident happened to deflect attention.”

Pramanik asserted that under the Trinamool government, everyone’s safety was in jeopardy, adding that “TMC goons had previously attacked even my life as policemen, who have turned into stooges of the ruling party, watched silently.”

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When the West Bengal election dates are published, opposition party activists and their family members are slain by members and followers of the ruling party, according to Pramanik, who demanded an impartial investigation into Das’s death.

Ajoy Roy, a BJP leader, had earlier claimed that Trinamool supporters had killed Das, who had seconded Bisakha Das’s candidature for a gramme panchayat seat in the Dinhata district.

West Bengal minister and Trinamool’s Dinhata MLA Udayan Guha refuted Roy’s assertion, asserting that the party was not involved in the incident and Das was not a political activist.

“A family dispute led to Das’s death. Every crime committed in West Bengal is given a political spin by the BJP, who tie it to the panchayat elections, he told reporters.

Guha responded to Pramanik’s claims by saying, “He has been encouraging BJP members in Cooch Behar to use violence. In recent years, Pramanik has been accountable for a number of incidents in the district and north Bengal.

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