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BJD MP lashes out opposition on Puri heritage corridor project


BJD MP lashes out opposition on Puri heritage corridor project

lord jagannath puri corridor project

Puri’s Biju Janata Dal MP Pinaki Mishra lashed out at the opposition, saying that no one can derail Lord Jagannath’s plan for a heritage corridor in the shrine town.

Mishra stated that nothing illegal was taking on in the project and that anyone who had a problem with it might take it to the courts.

“Construction is ongoing 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Lord Jagannath also wishes for the project to be completed as soon as possible “On Saturday, he stated.

“No agency,” he stated, “can stop the continuous construction activity as the Lord desires.”

If the BJP or the Congress disagree to the current construction, Mishra said they can take their case to court.

Activists from the Congress threw inks at his cavalcade and showed him black flags just hours after he made the remark amid the project’s turmoil.

According to authorities, the event occurred near the Jhadeswari temple, and eight persons were arrested in connection with it.

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Opposition parties and a number of socio-religious organizations have protested building near the 12th-century shrine, alleging that it has harmed the historic structure.

As part of the initiative to make Puri an international destination, the government is constructing a number of contemporary amenities for pilgrims’ convenience.

Shannkaracharya Swami Nischalananda Saraswati of Govardhan Peeth slammed the government, accusing it of “destroying” Puri’s mutts in the name of development.

“The administration should not assume that the mandate of the people will last indefinitely. While the Congress has gotten weak, the BJP and BJD work together “He asserted.

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