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Black and Decker expanding footprint in India with cutting-edge innovation


Black and Decker expanding footprint in India with cutting-edge innovation

New Delhi, Jan 25 (IANS) As the consumer electronics market goes through a churning in India, Black and Decker brand is expanding its footprint in the domestic market, striving to deliver both cutting-edge innovation and versatile functionality, Anand Dubey, CEO and Founder of homegrown consumer electronics company Indkal Technologies, said on Thursday.

Dubey told IANS that they are dedicated to following a strategy that is focused on identifying gaps and roadblocks for the customers.

“Right now, establishing a strong brand identity is essential and we want to do this by implementing focused marketing initiatives that highlight brand values that connect with Indian consumers,” he added.

Last year, US-based home appliances maker Black and Decker entered into licensing partnership with Indkal Technologies to launch premium range of large appliances in the country.

“We want to make people aware about the quality of the products and, in turn, learn the benefits they stand to gain from a clearly superior technology and innovative offerings especially when compared against competitor products in the same price range,” said Dubey.

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“This commitment is further emphasised by our recent collaboration with renowned Bollywood director Karan Johar as our brand ambassador,” he added.

The latest flagship Black and Decker washing machine product line in India offers several distinct USPs.

The groundbreaking BLDC Motor Drive achieves an impressive 60 per cent higher efficiency compared to traditional induction motors and a remarkable 20 per cent improvement over standard models.

“Users can now enjoy up to 65 per cent reduction in power consumption, making it a paradigm shift in energy efficiency. This innovation not only sets new standards in performance but also contributes significantly to environmental sustainability,” Dubey told IANS.

At a never-before-seen 1400 RPM, the Black and Decker washing machine offers an amazing spin speed that accelerates the drying process.

This rotational speed not only expedites drying times but also optimises fabric care. Experience the convenience of faster laundry cycles, saving both time and energy.

The advanced washing machine also offers ‘Zero Noise Operation.’ This innovative technology ensures a whisper-quiet laundry process, eliminating disruptive sounds and providing a peaceful home environment.

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“Our latest technology makes sure that the products last longer, up to three times longer than the industry average. We have strengthened essential components to endure the rigours of regular usage through careful engineering and creative design, promising an extended and reliable performance,” said Dubey.

The HEX-Net Crystal Drum design is specially crafted to safeguard clothes from damage. The unique drum design not only ensures effective washing but also prioritises the fabric’s health.

“This washing machine has a maximum temperature of 95 degrees, which, is turn, can help you harness the power of cleanliness. This elevated temperature capability is designed to effectively eliminate deeply ingrained dirt while eradicating 99.9 per cent of bacteria and allergens,” Dubey noted.

Other features are ‘Auto Drum Clean,’ ‘Anti-Rust Coating; and 16 wash programmes.

“Our strategy also involves expanding our distribution network to reach a wider customer base across the country. This includes forging strategic partnerships with local retailers and distributors, utilising online sales channels and prominent e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart and implementing effective sales and promotion strategies,” said Dubey.

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