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Bollywood Stars daily Yoga Sessions


Bollywood Stars daily Yoga Sessions

pooja batra paris yoga

Yoga in front of the Eiffel Tower is one of Pooja’s favorite ways to enjoy her European vacation.

pooja batra paris yoga eiffel tower

A bustling morning by the Eiffel Tower provides Pooja with a peaceful environment for her morning yoga practice. The tree pose, or vrikshasana, requires a lot of stretching.

Also, Pooja posted a picture of herself doing shirshasana, or the headstand, at Marina beach in California.

malaika arora yoga

Backbend on a wall? Malaika Arora appears to be in the mood to take some serious risks with her fitness.

When it comes to staying fit, Malaika’s advice is to “keep pushing yourself beyond boundaries.”

WFH means “Workout from Home” when she captioned this image.

shilpa shetty yoga

In her garden, Shilpa Shetty practices yoga and tries to stretch.

A lot of stress can be caused by the lockdown and other restrictions imposed as a result of the increasing number of cases.

However, we must remain steadfast and take the necessary action.

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According to Shilpa, who has an active Instagram account, we must ensure that our bodies don’t suffer from the negative effects of restricted movements.

samantha akkineni yoga

For Samantha Akkineni, an aerial yoga enthusiast, “life is a balance of holding on and letting go,” she writes in her blog.

aishwarya dhanush yoga

Aishwarya Dhanush tries supta vajrasana, a pose that stretches the neck, chest, and spine, to see if she can do it.

She explains that the emphasis is on opening the chest and the heart center.

amy jackson yoga

“She bends so she doesn’t break,” says Amy Jackson.


sushmita sen yoga

It’s good to see Sushmita Sen back in the studio, doing what she loves.

It isn’t a matter of strength, but rather a matter of will, she says.

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