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Brijesh Kalappa resigns from Congress after 25 years of service


Brijesh Kalappa resigns from Congress after 25 years of service

brijesh kalappa congress leader

Brijesh Kalappa, the former Congress leader and Supreme Court counsel who quit from the party earlier on Wednesday, stated that ‘politics without emotion’ goes to nothing.

“Politics without zeal won’t get you very far…

I was dissatisfied with what I was doing, therefore I took a hiatus “ANI quoted him as saying.

He also stated that numerous other parties, including the Aam Aadmi Party, have approached him, but he has yet to make a choice.

“AAP, like other parties, is reaching out to me,” he said, “but I haven’t made a choice.”

Kalappa announced his retirement in a Facebook post earlier this morning, claiming a “lack of energy and passion” for the party.

Kalappa had written down various things, including his thanks and loyalty to the party, in addition to his reason for leaving the party. He had emphasized how he “never felt enervated and lacking in energy and enthusiasm, even at the worst times for the party in the aftermath of the 2014 and 2019 debacles,” and that he “never felt enervated and lacking in vitality and enthusiasm.”

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“Since the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) years in 2013, I have been representing the Party on Hindi, English, and Kannada channels for almost a decade and have clocked 6,497 discussions. Furthermore, the Party has assigned me political work on a regular basis, which I have completed to my pleasure. In terms of television debates, I have always given it my all and have never appeared without appropriate preparation for any discussion “He went on to say.

It also stated, “But, in recent months, I’ve been lacking in enthusiasm, and my own performance has been listless and perfunctory. In these circumstances, I have no choice but to resign as a primary member of the Indian National Congress, putting an end to a relationship that began in 1997.”

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