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Carlos Ghosn Says Ratan Tata A Visionary Leader


Carlos Ghosn Says Ratan Tata A Visionary Leader

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Tata Motors “NANO” might be loosing its sheen but there is one guy who is thanking visionary Ratan Tata for his move of bringing NANO to the Indian market

and start the segment of small cars.

And that person is no one but Renault Nissan alliance chairman and chief executive officer Carlos Ghosn. As Ghosn declared, “I was the first one, may be the only one, to say he (Ratan Tata) was a visionary on launching the Nano.”

He was responding to a query to the reporters query whether the market for small segment cars coming to an end as nano is looking towards failure and Alliance’s Datsun didn’t get the result as it was expecting.

He said, “Nano, we acted on it. This whole A platform, we did Kwid which is a Renault car and will be followed by a Nissan car on the same platform. We followed and I am glad we followed the Nano because the success of Renault today in India is mainly based on the success of the Kwid.”

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He further shed light on their future plans in India.

He said,”We are not as successful with Datsun as we would have liked it to be but when you are in a long term strategy we don’t expect success to come immediately. The success of Renault today, which is the number one European brand in India, followed many failures. We started with Mahindra and it didn’t work. We are learning our way.”

Carlos did end his conversation with the importance of patience when it comes to the Indian Market.

Ghosn declared, “That’s why I am amazed at some car makers getting out of some important markets. If you are not ready to invest and accept failures and learn from them and try again many times, it is better not to go there at all. So expect us to continue to be relentlessly trying again until we are successful.”


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