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Chinese ship docks in the port of Lanka amid worries


Chinese ship docks in the port of Lanka amid worries

chinese spy ship hambantota port

This morning, a high-tech Chinese research ship arrived at the Hambantota port in Sri Lanka, raising concerns in India over the ship’s proximity to that country.

Prior plans called for the Chinese ballistic missile and satellite tracking ship, “Yuan Wang 5,” to dock on August 11 and stay in port until August 17 for refueling.

India is particularly worried about the port of Hambantota. After Sri Lanka failed to meet its debt repayment obligations in 2017, Colombo leased the southern port to China Merchant Port Holdings for 99 years, raising concerns about the port’s potential use for military purposes.

Sri Lanka, as a sovereign nation, makes its own independent decisions, according to the spokesperson for the ministry of external affairs, Arindam Bagchi, who also noted that India would base its assessment of India’s security concerns on the conditions in the region, particularly in the border areas.

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