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Congress reacts on Kapil Sibal’s decision to quit Congress


Congress reacts on Kapil Sibal’s decision to quit Congress

kc venugopal

In response to former Union Minister Kapil Sibal’s decision to leave the Congress, KC Venugopal, the party’s general secretary, said that “people come and go from our party” and that no one was to blame.

Venugopal further explained,

“He had previously written the Party President a letter. According to the letter, he genuinely believed in the values of Congress. He didn’t say anything else. Allow him to express himself. Then I’ll say something. The resignation letter is of exceptional quality. People arrive and depart from our gathering. This is a large gathering. Some people may be leaving the gathering. Some may attend other events. I won’t hold it against anyone who left the party. Congress has a lot of room.”

Sibal announced his departure from the Congress party today, only hours after filing his nomination papers for the Rajya Sabha as an independent candidate backed by the Samajwadi Party.

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“I resigned from the Congress party on May 16,” Kapil Sibal told reporters, revealing details that had been kept under wraps since the Congress’s “Chintan Shivir,” or strategy meeting, a week ago.

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