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Covid-19 cases reduced to 36,244 in India


Covid-19 cases reduced to 36,244 in India

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According to the latest data from the Union Health Ministry on Thursday, 3,962 new coronavirus infections were recorded in India, while the number of active cases reduced to 36,244 from 40,177.

At 8 a.m., data showed that the death toll had risen to 5,31,606. This number included seven deaths that had been reconciled by Kerala.There were a total of 4.49 crore (4,49,60,678) Covid cases.

The government reported that the national COVID-19 recovery rate is 98.73 percent, with the number of active cases accounting for 0.08 percent of all infections. A total of 4,43,92,828 people are now considered to be free of the disease, while the case fatality rate stands at 1.18 percent.

The ministry’s website reports that 220.66 billion doses of the Covid vaccine have been distributed across the country as part of the statewide vaccination effort.

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