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Debina Bonnerjee & Gurmeet mix of Bengali & Bihari traditions


Debina Bonnerjee & Gurmeet mix of Bengali & Bihari traditions

During the sixth day of the baby’s birth, Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary combined Bengali and Bihari traditions. The ‘chhath’ puja was attended by Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary, as well as their parents and other relatives. Debina made a YouTube video explaining the significance of the puja.

Debina Bonnerjee and her husband Gurmeet Choudhary held a puja on the sixth day of their daughter’s birth to commemorate the occasion. Debina wrote a lengthy caption for each of the photos and videos she posted from the puja to her social media accounts, including her YouTube channel, Debina Decodes. Because Debina hails from Bengal and Gurmeet is from Bihar, the puja incorporated elements of both cultures.

At the puja, Debina and Gurmeet’s parents joined them. Debina wrote the following about the ceremony while posting photos to her Instagram account: “The whole family came together to celebrate the baby’s sixth day of life. The fact that you have a new member of the household in the form of your daughter makes every day feel like a special occasion.” It was also posted to Instagram Stories with the caption, ” “Because of the internet and superfast life, we don’t have time for many things anymore, so the more we celebrate our traditions, the more we become ingrained in our heritage. To be able to celebrate a holiday with both of my parents and my child is a joy and a source of pride.”

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Debina made a YouTube video explaining the significance of the puja. She made the following statement: “It has been six days since the baby was born. It is known as the ‘Chati Puja’ in Bihari culture. It is also known as ‘Chahati Chila’ in Bengali culture. Celebrations will be held in both Bengali and Bihari communities.”

Debina also asked her parents and in-laws to weigh in on the baby’s ancestry in the video clip. When asked if the baby looked like Gurmeet or Debina, both her mother-in-law and father-in-law said yes, and both of them noted how much they missed having a daughter. They also revealed that they’ve given her the name Pari, which means “pearl” in Hindi. It was Debina’s mother’s opinion that the baby resembles both she and her daughter.

Debina also provided an update on her post-motherhood life in the video. Despite the fact that she was speaking to her fans in her most recent videos, she claims to have recorded them while in a trance. She remarked, “My name isn’t that person at all. I was feeling down and out when all of a sudden, a sea of joy and peace washed over me. In trance, I have the distinct impression that I’ve arrived.”

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A baby girl was welcomed into the world on April 3 by Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary. A video of Debina’s journey from the hospital to her home with the baby was previously posted on her YouTube channel.

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