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Delhi HC : Prannoy Roy can go abroad for three weeks


Delhi HC : Prannoy Roy can go abroad for three weeks

prannoy roy radhika roy NDTV

Prannoy Roy, the founder of NDTV, and his wife Radhika Roy were given permission by the Delhi High Court on Tuesday to travel abroad for three weeks for both personal and professional reasons.

The petitioners do not constitute a flight risk because of their professional status, according to Justice Prathiba M. Singh, and are therefore allowed to go overseas from July 25 to August 15.

After they met the requirements set by the court before the registrar, the high court approved their trip to the UK.

Additionally, it requested that they give the high court’s registrar specifics about their travel plans.

The Roys submitted the application in a pending petition in which they are contesting the look out notice that the Central Bureau of Investigation opened against them as a result of the filing of two FIRs for alleged corruption.

Their legal representative stated that they intend to travel abroad for both personal and professional reasons, including to see Prannoy Roy’s brother.

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