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Dispute about the Urdu name change for the theater at DU


Dispute about the Urdu name change for the theater at DU

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A few Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Campus students claimed on Tuesday that the college administration had forcibly changed the name of the theater club because it was Urdu, but the accusation was refuted by the authorities.

The accusation was dismissed by college president RN Dubey, who called it a “political tactic” against him.

The theater group, formerly known as Ilhaam (reveal), allegedly changed its name to Aarambh, which means “the beginning.”

A student who is also a part of the theater group claimed that a college administrator recently told them that they should change the name of the group since the management did not like it.

The student, who asked to remain anonymous, claimed that the college had threatened to freeze the theatre society’s funding if the members didn’t comply.

“Although first, there was opposition from inside the society. However, we were informed that if the name was not changed, we would be marked absent. The kids agreed as they became afraid “said he.

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The principle, however, refuted the claims and called them a political plot against him.

An alumni of the college who was one of the theater society’s founding members agreed with the students’ emotions and noted that this is not the first time the organization has been renamed.

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