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Droupadi Murmu takes the oath as a 15th President of India


Droupadi Murmu takes the oath as a 15th President of India

On Monday, Droupadi Murmu took the oath of office as India’s fifteenth president.

In the Central Hall of Parliament, she was given the presidential oath of office by Chief Justice of India N V Ramana.

The second woman and the first tribal person to hold the top constitutional position is 64-year-old Murmu.

Prior to the ceremony for taking the oath of office, outgoing President Ram Nath Kovind and President-elect Murmu entered parliament in a formal procession.

Narendra Modi, M. Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President and Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, and Om Birla, Speaker of the Lok Sabha, accompanied Murmu to the Central Hall.

At the swearing-in event, there were also members of the Council of Ministers, governors, chief ministers, chiefs of diplomatic missions, members of Parliament, and the top civil and military officials of the government.

Murmu paid her tribute to the Father of the Nation by visiting the Mahatma Gandhi memorial at Rajghat before the event.

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She then spoke with Savita Kovind, the wife of outgoing President Ram Nath Kovind.

The President will travel to Rashtrapati Bhavan after the swearing-in event, where she will receive an inter-services guard of honor in the forecourt and be shown courtesy by departing President Kovind.

First speech by President Murmu: “My election is proof that the impoverished in India may not only dream but also realize their dreams.”

On Monday, President Droupadi Murmu remarked that her election to the highest constitutional position demonstrated that the impoverished in India may not only dream but also realize their dreams.

Murmu thanked all MPs and MLAs in her speech for voting for her after Chief Justice of India N V Ramana gave her the oath as the 15th President of India.

She said, “I have been elected at a crucial time as the nation celebrates 75 years of Independence.

According to Murmu, “Achieving this office is not just my personal achievement, but that of all the poor people in the nation.

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She claimed that “my election is proof that the impoverished in India can dream and also fulfill those ambitions.”

A girl born into a low-income tribal family might hold the highest constitutional position because of the strength of India’s democracy, Murmu continued.

The President emphasized in her speech the need to move more quickly toward fulfilling the demands made of independent Indian citizens by the freedom fighters.

President Murmu is given a formal salute

The Rashtrapati Bhavan’s forecourt serves as the ceremonial salutation area for President Droupadi Murmu. She is joined by former president Ram Nath Kovind.

Wooden portrait of President Droupadi Murmu

President Droupadi Murmu’s likeness was carved out of wood by Ganjam native Arun Sahu of Berhampur. Murmu is an Odisha native.

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