Gujarat govt announces 90 pc subsidy on cochlear implants

Gandhinagar, March 10 (IANS) Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel on Sunday introduced financial assistance for families seeking cochlear implant processors for their children.

Under the new initiative, the financial burden on families will be reduced, making it easier for them to access essential healthcare services.

Previously, children who received a cochlear implant through government assistance were expected to cover 50 per cent of the cost of a second implant processor.

However, to support these families further, the Gujarat government has announced that they only need to contribute 10 per cent towards the second processor.

The Chief Minister’s decision also extends to families who had previously borne the total cost of the cochlear implant without government aid.

For those with an annual income of less than four lakh rupees, the contribution towards a cochlear implant processor has been similarly reduced to just 10 per cent of the total cost.

Chief Minister Patel also announced that beneficiaries travelling to Ahmedabad for super speciality treatments under the School Health Program would be reimbursed for their travel expenses at standard S.T. bus rates.

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The School Health Program, dedicated to the well-being of the state’s children, estimates the cost of a cochlear implant operation at around 7 lakh rupees.

Gujarat government has invested approximately 214 crore rupees in performing 3061 cochlear implant operations. Around 200 children in Gujarat need a cochlear implant processor, costing an estimated 3 lakh rupees each.








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