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Gyanvapi has a Sheshnag Sculpture: Says the Surveyor


Gyanvapi has a Sheshnag Sculpture: Says the Surveyor

gyanvapi mosque monument

It was revealed that the Gyanvapi mosque in Varanasi, India, had a large number of Hindu statues and other religious artefacts, according to advocate Ajay Kumar Mishra, who had been appointed by a court to conduct a survey of the complex but was later removed for leaking information.

The petitioners in the Gyanvapi mosque case claim that the videographic survey of the site was conducted in violation of the Places of Worship Act, and Ajay Kumar Mishra, a former court-appointed commissioner, submitted the report as the Supreme Court prepares to resume hearing the case on Wednesday.

Sculptures and patterns of lotus were discovered in the old temple ruins outside the barricade of the disputed area, according to Mishra’s report.

Stone sculptures of Sheshnag and “Nag phan” patterns were spotted in the middle of the site. They all looked like they belonged to a single structure.”

On Tuesday, Ajay Mishra, the Advocate Commissioner of the local court, was sacked for being “highly irresponsible” in his work.

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In addition, there were four more idol-like structures with the “Sinduri” mark to be found. As far as I could tell, there appeared to be lighting arrangements for diyas.

According to a report, “the stone slabs with artistic patterns were kept in the west wall behind the mosque, which appeared to be connected to the larger structure,” it stated.

Three or four sculptures with Sindoor marks and a ‘Choukhat’-like stone slab, according to Mishra’s report, may be called ‘Sringar Gouri.

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