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Hardik Patel’s resignation is a script by BJP says Congress


Hardik Patel’s resignation is a script by BJP says Congress

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Just a few hours after Congress leader Hardik Patel resigned from his post, an opposition party claimed that the BJP “lured” the Patidar leader by promising to have criminal charges against him dropped, and then “scripted” his resignation letter.

Shockingly, Shaktisinh Gohil, a senior member of the Congress Party and the party’s spokesperson, called Patel “dishonest” and a “opportunist.” Gohil also claimed that the number of youth leaders who defected to the Bharatiya Janata Party has been reduced to “none.”

He rose to prominence in 2015 after leading the Patidar reservation agitation and was elected working president of the Gujarat Congress in July 2020. Patel has accused Gujarat Congress’ top leadership of behaving as if they hate Gujarat and Gujaratis. He was elected in July 2020.

Also in his resignation letter was critical of the Congress’ position on the Ayodhya temple, Article 370’s removal from Jammu and Kashmir, and the implementation of GST.

“The BJP clearly dictated Hardik Patel’s resignation letter, which was written without Hardik Patel’s input. The BJP controls the script, the pen, and the face. This (the resignation letter) is a sham and contains no truth whatsoever “Gohil informed the media.

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A major setback for the Congress, which hopes to unseat the BJP from power in the state of Gujarat, where elections are scheduled in the coming months.

That Hardik Patel was lured away from his position as working president of the Gujarat Congress is what Gohil claims happened.

In order to force Hardik Patel to step down, the BJP used “all means, including getting a CD on him, and used agencies like the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and the CBI and used all measures that were below the belt,” he said.

Sedition and rioting charges have been filed against him, he said, and the BJP government has asked the high court to take them back. “He cannot run for office,” he said.

The BJP’s support for Hardik Patel has made it clear that he is working with the party to have charges against him dropped, he said.

According to Congress spokesperson Ragini Nayak, ‘It appears that Modi Ji gave the dictation last night after reading the resignation letter.’

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There is no doubt that the ‘letter’ about defeating the ‘truth’ has arrived and that every word of it is written by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).’

Hardik Patel’s tweet about never changing sides and continuing his fight in Congress until his last breath was shared in a second tweet by him that read, “No Caption Needed!!”

He claimed that Hardik Patel had referred to Amit Shah as “General Dyer” because of the Patidar quota protesters’ attacks on the Prime Minister.

He asked Hardik Patel why he had forgotten the Patidar community’s demands after their agitation and what personal gains and agendas he had that made him a leader.

He inquired, “Why has your attitude changed?”

“Party ticket sales have been alleged by Patidar community members, who say they were misled by your dishonesty and that you did not give tickets to actual workers. It would have been nice if you had responded to your Patidar colleagues regarding the accusations they had leveled against you “Gohil chimed in with a similar query.

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Rahul Gandhi’s rallies in Gujarat have rattled the Bharatiya Janata Party, and the people of Gujarat have turned against the ruling party, he said in a speech.

“The BJP is afraid of losing power, so they’ve taken these kinds of measures by luring Congress leaders to the BJP.

“Because the Congress is the people’s party, this country will never be Congress-mukt. So why are they taking Congress leaders? Because they’ve turned into a “Congress-yukt” party “he stated.

As far as he knows, Naresh Patel has not been accepted into the party by Hardik Patel, who he claims is pressuring the party “to listen to him only.”

“Once upon a time, he attempted to gain political clout by staying close to Rahul Gandhi. He’s now attacking the top brass. It demonstrates his shrewdness and cunning, “Gohil stated.

According to him, the Congress party has always supported and encouraged the development of young leaders.

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