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Hearing on June 9: On Jain temples in Qutub Minar complex


Hearing on June 9: On Jain temples in Qutub Minar complex

qutub minar complex

The Saket Court has begun hearing an appeal against the restoration of 27 Hindu and Jain temples in Mehrauli’s Qutub Minar complex.

“A protected monument maintained by the Central Govt under this Act which is a place of worship or shrine shall not be exploited for any purpose incongruous with its character,” Jain Section 16 of the AMASR Act 1958 states.

The order on the appeal addressing the restoration of the Hindu and Jain temples in the complex has been set for June 9th.

Union Culture Minister GK Reddy denied various media claims yesterday that the historic Qutub Minar complex in Delhi could be excavated. According to previous reports, the Ministry of Culture had issued instructions to have idol iconography done at the compound, and excavation may begin 15 meters south of the Qutub Minar mosque. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) was supposed to start digging and report to the Ministry of Culture.

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