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Imran Khan, the former prime minister of Pakistan, might be detained shortly


Imran Khan, the former prime minister of Pakistan, might be detained shortly

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FILE – Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan speaks during a news conference in Islamabad, April 23, 2022. Pakistan’s elections oversight body ruled Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2022 that Khan accepted illegal donations for his political party from abroad. It’s a key first step that could lead to a ban on Khan and his party from politics. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul, File)

According to a media source on Saturday, the top investigating body in Pakistan may arrest the former prime minister for refusing to appear before it and ignoring its notices in the case involving illegal funding.

According to The News, Khan received a second notification from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Friday.

The newspaper reported that although Khan, the ex-cricketer-turned-politician, was given the first warning last Wednesday, he declined to appear before the FIA investigating team.

Three notices might be issued before the decision to arrest Imran Khan is made, according to the article, which cited highly-placed FIA sources.

According to the article, which cited sources, the FIA tracked down five firms connected to Khan’s party that were active in the USA, Australia, Canada, Britain, and Belgium but were not identified in the reports provided to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

On Wednesday, Khan threatened to file a lawsuit if the FIA didn’t retract the letter it had written him over the forbidden funding matter.

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I have no obligation to give you an explanation or any information, either. In a written answer to the leading investigation agency, he threatened legal action against the latter if notice was not returned within two days.

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