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Ink attack on BJP candidate Dara Singh in the UP byelections


Ink attack on BJP candidate Dara Singh in the UP byelections

Dara Singh ink attack BJP

When Dara Singh Chauhan, a Bharatiya Janata Party candidate for the by-election for the Ghosi assembly seat in Mau district, was campaigning on Sunday, a young person flung ink at him.

After attending a public meeting at a college in the Kopaganj neighborhood, Chauhan was being greeted by party members at Adri Chatti when the incident happened, according to additional superintendent of police Mahesh Singh Atri.

Following Chauhan’s exit from the vehicle, some BJP members decorated him.

The police claimed that a man named Monu Yadav smeared black ink over Chauhan’s face and clothing and added that additional investigation is ongoing.

Social media sites also shared the incident’s video.

After the encounter, Chauhan left the neighborhood. On a Samajwadi Party ticket, Chauhan was elected to the Ghosi seat in 2022; but, this month, he resigned from the Assembly and joined the BJP.

He had previously served as a minister in the Yogi Adityanath administration until switching from the BJP to the SP in January 2022.

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