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INS Nishank & Akshay retire from Indian Navy after 30 years of service


INS Nishank & Akshay retire from Indian Navy after 30 years of service

On Friday, the Indian Navy will decommission two of its frontline warships, bringing an end to their 32-year journeys protecting the nation’s maritime interests.

The two ships, Nishank and Akshay, were among the most important naval assets involved in a number of important missions and maritime operations.

Officials stated on Wednesday that the Navy will bid farewell to the two ships at a ceremony in Mumbai.

“Every ship in the Navy is treated as if it were a live being. Decommissioning a ship, her crew, and the Navy as a whole is a very formal, yet very emotional occasion “An official stated.

ins akshay indian navy
Image@Indian Navy

Nishank, the fourth of the Veer-class missile corvettes, was a key member of the legendary “Killer Squadron” during the 1971 conflict. Nishank is one of the few people who has worked on both the eastern and western seaboards.

Another officer stated that the ship, which was armed with a powerful surface-to-surface missile, had the capabilities to terrorize the adversary.

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“Nishank’s adventure is not yet complete. The ship has been designated for display as a war relic in a historically appropriate place. The ship will continue to inspire future generations to be a part of our illustrious past and bright future by displaying the Indian Navy’s might “he stated

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