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Is Japan planning to go to Mars & the moon by bullet train ?


Is Japan planning to go to Mars & the moon by bullet train ?

If Japan’s technology is to be believed, something that seems like it belongs in a sci-fi movie might become a reality. In a short while, trains will allow people to travel between worlds! You did read that correctly. The Weather Channel India reports that Japan has set forward intentions to send people to the Moon and Mars.

To make us feel at home, Japan has created plans to construct a glass habitat building that will mimic Earth’s gravity, atmosphere, and geography.

The Weather Channel said that researchers from Kyoto University in Japan are working on this innovative idea alongside Kajima Construction. The researchers made their announcement last week during a press briefing, according to the EurAsian Times.


Hexatrack is the name of the interplanetary transportation technology developed by Japanese scientists. For long-distance travel, Hexatrack would maintain a gravity of 1G to mitigate the consequences of prolonged low gravity exposure.

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The “Hexacapsules,” hexagonal-shaped capsules with a moving mechanism in the center, will be another feature of the trains.

The Japanese researchers’ plan calls for a miniature spacecraft with a 15-meter radius to connect Earth and the Moon. It will take a capsule with a 30-meter radius to travel between the moon and Mars.

The capsule will now use the same electromagnetic technology as China’s and Germany’s Maglev trains.

The train station on Mars will be known as Mars Station, whereas the station on the moon will use a gateway satellite and go by the name Lunar Station. It will be located on Phobos, a satellite of Mars.

The Human Spaceology Centre claims that the Earth station, to be known as Terra Station, will replace the International Space Station (ISS).

According to Mashable India, the space train, also known as Space Express, would run on normal gauge track.

The vast majority of the space transportation infrastructure ignores the value of terrestrial natural wealth. But scientists at Kyoto University intend to construct a home that will resemble the amenities on Earth.

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The researchers want to create a constricted dwelling structure that resembles a champagne flute, complete with public transportation, green spaces, and water features. The building will be referred to as “The Glass.”

Since low gravity might influence reproduction, it is a serious issue. The university’s researchers work to allay this worry. The building will employ the centrifugal force produced by the rotation of the moon and Mars in orbit to generate artificial gravity that is capable of producing gravity that would be equivalent to Earth’s environment.

The Asahi Shimbun of Japan reports that it could take a century for the concept to become a reality. By 2050, though, scientists hope to construct a more straightforward copy of the Marsglass and Lunaglass.

Yosuke Yamashiki, director of Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies and SIC Manned Cosmology Research Center, claims that Japan’s plans for space living are essential to assuring that human space colonization will actually take place in the future.

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