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James Webb Space Telescope: First infrared image of the universe is here


James Webb Space Telescope: First infrared image of the universe is here

The James Webb Space Telescope of NASA has created the most detailed and precise infrared image of the far reaches of the cosmos to date.

This incredibly detailed image of the galaxy cluster SMACS 0723 is known as Webb’s First Deep Field.

Numerous galaxies, including the infrared universe’s faintest objects ever seen, have first appeared in Webb’s field of view.

The large-scale photo and spectrographic data unveiling that NASA expects to present on Tuesday at the Goddard Space Flight Center in suburban Maryland coincided with the release of the full-color infrared image.

According to NASA administrator Bill Nelson, the image was taken by the James Webb Space Telescope, the most potent telescope ever put into orbit, and it shows a portion of the sky that is “about the size of a grain of sand held at arm’s length by someone standing on Earth.”

According to Jonathan Gardner, Webb’s deputy senior project scientist at NASA, “Webb can see backwards in time right after the big bang by looking for galaxies that are so far away, the light has taken many billions of years to get from those galaxies to ourselves.”

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He explained that because Webb is larger than Hubble, it can observe fainter galaxies at a greater distance.

In a statement, Nelson said, “It is the deepest image of our cosmos that has ever been captured.” He said that the remaining high-resolution color photographs would be unveiled on July 12.

“More than 13 billion years have passed since we were here. One of these tiny specks has been traveling with the light you are witnessing for 13 billion years “explained he.

It is therefore only 800 million years younger than the Big Bang, the alleged flashpoint that began the known universe’s expansion some 13.8 billion years ago.

The depths at infrared wavelengths reached by this deep field, captured by Webb’s Near-Infrared Camera (NIRCam), were infrared wavelengths beyond the deepest fields, which took the Hubble Space Telescope weeks to complete.

US President Joe Biden remarked upon releasing the image, “It’s a historic day today. For America and the entire human race, this is a momentous occasion.”

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During the sneak peek of the photos, US Vice President Kamala Harris showed her excitement.

“We are all experiencing a very exciting time right now. The cosmos is entering a thrilling new chapter right now “She spoke.

The Carina Nebula, WASP-96b, the Southern Ring Nebula, and Stephan’s Quintet are among the other objects that will be included in the image release on Tuesday, according to CNN. NASA revealed Webb’s initial cosmic targets on Friday.

One of the biggest and brightest nebulae in the sky, the Carina Nebula is a stellar nursery 7,600 light-years away where stars are formed. It is also home to several stars that are many times more massive than the sun.

WASP-96b, which was found in 2014, is situated 1,150 light-years away from our planet. Every 3.4 days, it completes one circle around its star and weighs half as much as Jupiter.

The Southern Ring Nebula, often known as the “Eight-Burst,” is notably located 2,000 light-years from Earth. There is an expanding gas cloud surrounding a dead star in this enormous planetary nebula.

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The first image from the $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope is as far away from the beginning of time and the edge of the universe as humanity has ever seen. Four further pictures of the galaxy’s beauty taken during the telescope’s initial outward scans will be made public on Tuesday after that photograph. the wide area “The image, which was made public during a White House event, is full of stars, with large galaxies in the foreground and a few weak, really far-off galaxies seen here and there.

Light from a brief period following the Big Bang, which occurred 13.8 billion years ago, is visible in part of the photograph. President Joe Biden was awestruck by the image only seconds before he released it. He claimed it showed the earliest recorded light in the history of the universe, dating back more than 13 billion — let me say that again — 13 billion years. It’s difficult to imagine.

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