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When JET Airways Flight had a mid-air scare


When JET Airways Flight had a mid-air scare


Have you ever imagined you are travelling mid-air and your plane is being escorted by the two fighter jets thousands of feets above the ground? No right.

However an Indian civilian jet from Jet Airways had to endure that experience mid-air when it was flying over German Airspace and it was intercepted by two German Fighter Aircraft. The passenger had 300 passengers along with 15 crew members on board.

The problem was the radio control was lost when the plane was crossing from Slovakia to Prague. So German’s didn’t have any plans with them for this flight, so when they saw an unscheduled plane in their airspace, they had no option but to intercept it.

However despite the scare, everything went well as the JET Airways Flight eventually restored its communication and landed on its destination Heathrow Airport London.

Watch the video above.

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