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Karam Rajpal bounces back after injury on 'Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak' sets


Karam Rajpal bounces back after injury on 'Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak' sets

Mumbai, Feb 22 (IANS) Karam Rajpal encountered an unexpected setback while shooting for an action sequence for the show ‘Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak’, as during the rehearsals, the action director accidentally hit the actor.

The action sequence required precise timing. But unfortunately, the timing was off by a millisecond, resulting in the kick landing on Karam’s face.

While there was no blood, the actor experienced a temporary headache, which was taken care of by a doctor on the sets.

Reflecting on the incident, Karamm said: “I think all the love that has come by for ‘Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak’ inspired me to brave the pain. The team was super supportive and rushed to help me when I was injured. I’m very grateful to have such loving and caring people around me.”

“Right after the incident, a doctor on the sets examined me and gave me a few medicines to ease the pain I was experiencing in my head. As an actor, such challenges are inherent part of our profession, and it is no one’s fault that I got hurt. My passion for being in front of the camera just dwarfs any difficulties I face, and I thank the almighty for giving me the strength to keep going,” added the ‘Naagin 6’ actor.

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‘Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak’ airs on Colors.



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