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When Kareena Kapoor promoted a Kalimpong eatery on Instagram


When Kareena Kapoor promoted a Kalimpong eatery on Instagram

kareena kapoor kalimpong

For her upcoming film, Kareena Kapoor Khan recently visited Kalimpong.

It was there that she met Mrs. Neena Pradhan, a chef and proprietor of a specialty inn and kitchen called ‘Neena’s Kitchen.” Kareena ate Khao-suey, Nepali cuisine, and Tiramisu over the course of three days.

“The best meal ever” is what Kareena had to say about the Khao-suey and the aforementioned tiramisu she had shared on Instagram.

She has more than 9 million followers on Instagram. A number of people have inquired about Neena’s kitchen, particularly the Tiramisu she serves!

Kareena Kapoor Khan wanted food from my kitchen because she had heard about me. After I sent her the menu, she ordered three times in three days from my place.

That school, Welham Girls’ School, was where my daughter-in-law and Kareena both attended. On Monday, we finally had the opportunity to meet her.

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We found her to be extremely courteous and down-to-earth. The fact that she liked our food and shared a picture on social media is a huge compliment. “It’s an honor to be recognized by such a well-known person,” Neena said.

Neena told The Telegraph, “Kareena Kapoor Khan had somehow heard about me and wanted food from my kitchen. I had sent her the menu and since then, she has ordered food from my place during the past three days. We later found out that my daughter-in-law and Kareena studied in the same school, Welham Girls’ School in Dehradun. Both of us wanted to meet her and today (Monday), got the chance. She was very polite and down to earth with us. It is great to see that she has liked our food and posted on social media. Getting appreciation from such a celebrity is indeed an achievement.”

In an Instagram post, Neena’s Kitchen revealed that the Tiramisu that Kareena had has received a massive surge of interest.

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Even so, the dish was so popular that they decided to name it in honor of the actor. Kareenamisu is the new name for it!

It’s no surprise that Kareena’s Tiramisu has attracted a lot of attention, and we’re still getting a lot of questions about what it is.

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