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Kim Kardashian flaunts Marilyn Monroe’s classic gown


Kim Kardashian flaunts Marilyn Monroe’s classic gown

kim kardashian marilyn monroe dress

The most talked-about outfit of the night was Kim Kardashian’s Marilyn Monroe moment at the MET Gala 2022.

Some applauded the business mogul for carrying on the 60-year-old tradition, while others were visibly offended and believed it was a disrespect to the icon.

However, the “Kardashians” actress is now facing backlash after it was discovered that she may have destroyed the item of apparel.

In order to fit into the historic gown, the 41-year-old “Kardashians” star reportedly shed 16 pounds in the weeks prior to the event. She even changed into a copy once she arrived at the party’s entrance because she couldn’t move freely in the original.

Before the party, she declared, “I’m tremendously respectful of the garment and what it symbolises to American history. “I would never want to sit in it, eat in it, or have any chance of damaging it, and I won’t be applying the kind of body makeup I usually use,” the woman said.

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She may have damaged the “world’s most costly gown,” meanwhile, by merely posing for pictures on the red carpet with Pete Davidson, who later dyed his hair platinum blond to match his girlfriend’s Marilyn-inspired tresses.

Comparative images of the dress from before and after Kardashian wore it on Monday at the Met were published by Pop Culture. Particularly near the dress’s back clasp, one of the snaps displays signs of strained fabric and missing rhinestones.

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