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KNMA's legacy series edition debuts on Feb 9 at Kamani Auditorium


KNMA's legacy series edition debuts on Feb 9 at Kamani Auditorium

New Delhi, Feb 7 (IANS) The Kiran Nadar Museum of Art’s (KNMA) inaugural edition of the ‘The Legacy Series’ will be about performance and conversation celebrating the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya to be held on February 9 at the Kamani Auditorium in the national capital.

It will put the spotlight on the Mudgal family and their rich contribution to the cultural landscape of Delhi.

The programming of the inaugural series is divided into three parts: The Gandharva choir’s performance, led by Padma Shri Pandit Madhup Mudgal; Odissi dance recital choreographed by Padma Shri recipient Madhavi Mudgal; and an engaging panel discussion featuring the creative performers of the Mudgal family.

The duration of the entire programme is two hours.

The Gandharva Choir will present a selection from their repertoire. Known for successfully experimenting with classical and folk styles of music, the Gandharva Choir not only specialises in difficult classical forms such as Dhrupad, Dhamar, Varnam, Kriti and Tarana, but is equally adept at patriotic, devotional and folk forms.

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Its extensive repertoire includes hymns from the ancient Vedas, compositions in the Hindustani as well as Carnatic styles of music, Rabindrasangeet and modern experimental works involving the use of harmony.

It will be followed by a 20-minute panel discussion featuring Pandit Madhup Mudgal, Principal of the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya and Hindustani classical vocalist, composer and conductor of the Gandharva Choir; Madhavi Mudgal, senior Odissi exponent, teacher and choreographer; Sawani Mudgal, a young Hindustani vocalist and teacher; and Arushi Mudgal, a young Odissi dancer and teacher.

Moderated by Aditi Jaitly, the conversation will delve into the history of the Vidyalaya, the challenges in performing arts education and the role of institutions in propagating and preserving the arts in current times.

Bringing down the curtains to the evening will be a 30-minute Odissi dance performance titled ‘Vistar’. Choreographed by Madhavi Mudgal, one of India’s senior Odissi exponents. the group performance will offer an experience of the traditional form of Odissi with a contemporary sensibility.

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“KNMA has always been supportive of the harmonious convergence of performing arts and visual culture. With our cultural vertical, we aim to nurture all forms of performing arts that serve as powerful mediums for storytelling and are dynamic and living expressions of culture.

“We hope that through our constant engagements and endeavours to bring forth the rich traditions of our performing culture ecosystem, KNMA becomes a means to contribute to cultural richness and serve as a powerful vehicle for cultural representation and celebration,” said Kiran Nadar, Founder and Chairperson of KNMA.



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