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The launch of Akasa Air may be further delayed


The launch of Akasa Air may be further delayed

akasa air

An official from the DGCA says that Akasa Air is likely to be delayed even further because the airline is expected to receive its first plane in June or July.

After initially planning to launch in June, Rakesh Jhunjhwala’s carrier postponed its launch until July.

Flights will begin in July, a top airline official has said.

In October of last year, the civil aviation ministry issued a mandatory no-objection certificate to Mumbai-based airline SNV Aviation.

The airline must then complete a series of successful proving flights after the aircraft has been introduced.

“The delivery of Akasa Air’s aircraft has been postponed until June/July.

According to the DGCA official, “as far as other procedures are concerned, they are all on track.”

According to the company, Akasa Air expects to receive its first plane in mid-June and plans to begin commercial flights in July.

First aircraft delivery is expected by mid-June 2022. “The proving flights will be held as per regulatory requirements prior to AOP (Air Operator Permit) receipt, which will help us obtain our operating permit.” “Founder and managing director Vinay Dube made the announcement in an interview with PTI.

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In addition, he stated that the airline plans to begin commercial operations in July 2022 and will have 18 planes in service by the end of March 2023.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation uses proving flights, which can originate at one airport and end at another, as part of the process for adding a new aircraft type to an airline’s fleet.

It is composed of five segments (legs) with a combined block time of at least ten hours.

An en route alternate airport or a destination may be included in this.

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