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A Lion bites A Man’s Finger in a Jamaican Zoo


A Lion bites A Man’s Finger in a Jamaican Zoo

lion bites visitor finger zoo

Most rational individuals avoid interfering with wild animals. However, there are enough ‘daredevils’ in the world who either don’t know or don’t care, as seen by their acts.

Getting hurt at the zoo, where animals are confined in their enclosures, is an uncommon occurrence. However, it is you, not the wild animal, who is to fault if you cross their borders and put yourself in risk.

A man in Jamaica sticks his hand through the fence of a lion’s enclosure in a video that has gone popular on social media.

lion bites visitor finger zoo jamaica

The king of the jungle, understandably, was not pleased with the man’s persistent involvement.

Despite snarling and exposing its teeth to warn the man, the lion had no reprieve from the man’s actions.

A visitor to the Jamaica Zoo attempted to pet the lion through the wire around his area. As the man battled to break free from the lion’s jaws, the animal bit his finger.

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The man’s finger becomes locked in the lion’s mouth, stretching out for approximately a foot before snapping. The man is flung away as a result, and all that is left is a white skeletal finger.

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