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Madhuri Dixit writes an emotional letter to her MoM


Madhuri Dixit writes an emotional letter to her MoM

madhuri dixit mother sisters

This Mother’s Day, Madhuri Dixit wrote a heartfelt letter to her mother Snehlata Dixit.

A rare picture of her two older sisters and their mother accompanied it on Instagram. Two older sisters and a younger brother make up Madhuri’s family.

All that I am and will ever be will be a reflection of you Aai,” Madhuri wrote in the caption accompanying the picture. To all the mothers out there: “Happy Mother’s Day!” Madhuri, Roopa, and Bharti are all dressed in black for the photo, which also features their mother, who is wearing a kurta-salwar.

Madhuri’s post received a lot of attention from fans. One of them wrote, “Never seen your sisters before. “ all three sisters look totally different..may God bless to all the beautiful n careful mothers on this earth,” said another. Another said, “Three images of their great mother reflecting in their minds’ eye.”

Madhuri looked a lot like one of her sisters when they were younger. The two of them had been in a dance performance in the past, and she had posted a picture of them in it. “This is one of my favorite memories that I have with my sister,” she wrote in an Instagram post. School competitions were something we were always a part of. This is a #MajorThrowback photo of me and my favorite childhood dance partner. Please share a favorite childhood memory with me! “Also, can you distinguish between us?”

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Madhuri had revealed earlier this year how her mother raised her and her siblings. According to a statement she made to ETimes, “Even when I was working in films, my mother used to tell me to clean up after myself and such.” This is how I was raised. “And that’s the way I am.”

Arin, 19, and Ryan, 17, are Madhuri’s children from her marriage to Dr. Shriram Nene. The Fame Game, a Netflix original series, was the actor’s first foray into the OTT world. Several celebrities appeared in the show, which featured her as a superstar. On the show, Manav Kaul portrayed her husband. Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming film will feature her in a supporting role.

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