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Maha Minister Tope Warns Wear masks where Covid cases are on the rise


Maha Minister Tope Warns Wear masks where Covid cases are on the rise

rajesh tope maha minister

Rajesh Tope, the state’s health minister, has advised residents in districts where everyday coronavirus infections are on the rise to exercise greater caution and use masks.

On Saturday, Maharashtra reported 529 new COVID-19 cases, but no deaths from the virus. According to official numbers, the state reported 536 new cases and zero deaths on Friday.

Last month, the state’s mask law was repealed.

The state health department announced on Saturday that four patients of the B.A.4 sub-lineage and three instances of the B.A.5 sub-lineage of the highly-transmissible Omicron type of coronavirus had been discovered for the first time in Maharashtra.

Despite the fact that COVID-19 instances are on the rise, Tope told reporters on Saturday that the virus is causing very few deaths.

“(People living in) districts where daily COVID-19 instances are increasing should begin taking extra precautions, including wearing masks. The number of daily instances is increasing, but it is still under control “he stated

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Health professionals have been given orders to take the necessary procedures to stop the virus from spreading, according to the minister.

Mumbai recorded 330 new COVID-19 instances on Saturday, followed by Thane with 38 cases, Pune with 32, and Navi Mumbai with 31.

According to official data, the Mumbai circle, which encompasses neighboring satellite towns and municipal corporations, reported 448 cases of COVID-19, while the Pune circle reported 64 infections.

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