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Mahima Chaudhry survives Breast Cancer scare


Mahima Chaudhry survives Breast Cancer scare

In an Instagram story, Mahima Chaudhry revealed she had breast cancer.

Anupam Kher gave details of her cancer experience in a video, saying that she’s ‘great and entirely recovered’ now.

‘Story of @mahimachaudhry1’s strength and Cancer:’ Kher captioned the video.

I called #MahimaChaudhry from the US a month ago to ask her to play a key role in my 525th film, #TheSignature.

‘Our chat moved on to her learning she has #BreastCancer.’

What happened next can be found in this open dialogue between us. Many ladies around the world will be inspired by her approach. She wanted me to be a part of her confession. ‘She refers to me as an everlasting optimist, but Mahima!’ “You are my HERO!” exclaims a group of friends. Send your warmest wishes, prayers, and blessings to her. She has returned to the sets where she belongs. She’s all set to take flight. There are so many producers and directors out there! This is your chance to benefit from her talent! ‘Jai ho, she!!’

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Mahima revealed in the video that she discovered the cancer during an annual medical check-up and that she had no symptoms prior to that.

She was diagnosed early on, and when the doctor told her she needed chemotherapy, she began to scream.

‘And my sister said, ‘It can be treated.’ ‘Why are you acting like a 17th century woman?’ she asked. But then you’re just afraid of the term cancer, which is why, at first, I didn’t tell my parents because they’re so fragile,’ she added in the video.

Mahima admitted that her health caused her to cry a lot, but that an interaction with a boy who was also receiving chemotherapy helped her and altered her perspective.

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