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Many areas in Maharashtra are experiencing severe water shortage


Many areas in Maharashtra are experiencing severe water shortage

water shortage maharashtra

Villagers in Maharashtra’s Khadial hamlet are now accustomed to throwing their plastic and metal cans, buckets, and bottles strung with ropes down a deep well to obtain water.

The parched residents of Melghat district’s village are experiencing a serious water shortage in the middle of summer.

They’re ‘risking their lives for a pail of water,’ according to the residents. A local told ANI, “

“In the community, there are just two wells that are nearly dry. Every day, two to three tankers provide water to a village of 1,500 people.”

Water shortages have been observed across the country, particularly Maharashtra, with the arrival of summer.

“Two tankers deliver water to the village, which is pumped into dry wells by two tankers. To take water from wells, people put their lives in danger.

After drinking contaminated water, diseases are on the rise “a villager added. The road condition is likewise poor, according to the public.

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“There is no route to carry a person to the hospital if they get sick,” a villager noted.

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