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Mayawati agrees with Rahul’s comments on Dalits & Muslims


Mayawati agrees with Rahul’s comments on Dalits & Muslims

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Mayawati, the leader of the Bahujan Samaj Party, claimed on Friday that Congressman Rahul Gandhi’s recent comments on the “miserable condition” of Dalits and Muslims in the nation were a “bitter truth” that was caused by previous governments led by the Congress, the BJP, and other parties at the Centre.

She stated in a series of tweets in Hindi that “The statement given by (former Congress president) Rahul Gandhi during his US tour pertaining to the miserable condition of crores of Dalits and Muslims, and the insecurity to their lives and religion, in India, is a bitter truth for which the governments of the Congress, BJP, and other parties at the Centre, were completely responsible.”

“Unjustice, atrocities, and exploitation of the poor and disadvantaged (parts of society) by those belonging to the majority portion has been a common thing regardless of the rule of the Congress or the BJP in different states, including UP. The BSP government in UP was the first to establish the rule of law and administer justice equally, “according to Mayawati.

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