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Meet Nagarjuna in Brahmastra as the artist Anish and his Nandi Astra


Meet Nagarjuna in Brahmastra as the artist Anish and his Nandi Astra

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An injured Nagarjuna is seen giving an intense stare with his fist in the air in the first-look poster. It symbolizes the power he wields.

The actor portrays Artist Anish, who wields the Nandi Astra, or the power of a thousand Nandis. Nandi is a bull who serves as Lord Shiva’s conveyance, according to Indian mythology.

Ayan Mukerji, who shared the same, wrote, “ANISH THE ARTIST AND HIS NANDI ASTRA I’d like to be like Nagarjuna Garu (Nag Sir, to me) when I grow up (eventually) – A gentleman with the most generous of hearts!!

brahmastra nagarjuna poster

He embraced the world of Brahmstra and gave it a ferocious intensity; he affected our entire crew with his warmth and generosity; and he tremendously added to our aim of making Brahmstra a really pan-India film experience!

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His Nandi Astra is, in my opinion, one of the film’s highlights! Some of that can be found in our trailer, which will be released on June 15th (sic).”

On May 31, the teaser for Brahmastra was released. “In just 100 days, BRAHMSTRA: Part One will be all yours TRAILER OUT ON JUNE 15TH (sic),” Alia Bhatt posted alongside the latest trailer for Brahmastra.

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