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Members of the 1983 World Cup winning cricket team advise not to make a hasty choice


Members of the 1983 World Cup winning cricket team advise not to make a hasty choice

1983 world cup winning team
1983 world cup winning team

Members of the 1983 World Cup winning cricket team on Friday advised the elite athletes not to make a hasty choice and hoped their complaints would be heard and addressed out of concern that the protesting wrestlers could take the extreme step of dipping their medals into the sacred river Ganga.

The Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) chief Birj Bhushan Sharan Singh is being sought for allegedly sexually exploiting female wrestlers.

Vinesh Phogat, Sakshi Malik, and Bajrang Punia took their protest to Haridwar on May 30 but chose not to carry out their threat to immerse their medals in the Ganga.

When the wrestlers marched towards the new Parliament building without permission on May 28, the Delhi Police apprehended them for breaking the law and maintaining the peace.

The protest site was also cleaned up by the police, who also made it plain that the wrestlers would not be permitted to return to Jantar Mantar.

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Several people have criticised the police intervention against the wrestlers.”We are upset and horrified by the unsightly footage of our champion wrestlers being mistreated.

The 1983 World Cup winning squad sent a statement to PTI that said, “We are also quite disturbed that they are considering throwing their hard-earned medals into the Ganga.”

“Those medals are not only their own, but also the pride and delight of the country. They required years of work, sacrifice, fortitude, and determination. We strongly advise against making a hasty decision in this case, and we also truly hope that their complaints will be acknowledged and immediately addressed. Let the law of the land govern,” said the declaration.

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