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Modi claims that 5G mobile services will launch soon


Modi claims that 5G mobile services will launch soon

narendra modi 75th independence day

In his support of “Made-in-India” technological answers to address the challenges of the new India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared on Monday that 5G mobile services will soon be available in India.

The Prime Minister declared that the moment had come for India to enter the digital age, which would usher in reforms across the board.

“Indian tech has arrived! With 5G, semiconductor production, and optical fiber cable (OFC) in villages, we are bringing a revolution to the grassroots level through Digital India “Added Modi.

He claimed that the manufacture of semiconductors, 5G networks, and optical fiber networks demonstrate the power of the Digital India Movement in three areas: education, healthcare, and societal change.

India’s industrial progress, according to Modi, would originate at the local level.

“We need to enhance our Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), street sellers, and those operating in the organized sectors,” he stated.

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Modi committed to tackle corruption with all of his might.

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