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Not just a Monkey Business…It’s Serious ! ! !


Not just a Monkey Business…It’s Serious ! ! !


Well who says animals don’t have any emotions? In a recent behavioural study of the monkeys by the BBC show “Spy In The Wild,” a spy robot disguised in the form of a baby langur made it look all

A spy baby monkey robot was placed right in the group of langur monkeys in Rajasthan and what followed was amazing scene of shock and disbelief for the scientists.

The elder monkeys were so enamoured by the robot that their motherly instincts took over and the female monkeys were trying to protect the robot baby langur. And also went upto the extent of
babysitting him.

However amidst chaos something unimaginable happens as one of the female langurs drops the baby on the ground from the high branches of the tree. Obviously as it’s a robot a trick is made by the
scientists to keep the robot motionless and it keeps lying on the ground.

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The result is as shocking as the whole group of langur crowds around the robot and grieve by putting hands on the shoulders as we humans do as they get a feeling of losing someone of their own.


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