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NASA To Disclose Earth Like Planets Very Soon


NASA To Disclose Earth Like Planets Very Soon

kepler 186 f

An Artists’s impression of Kepler-186F.


The one question that has always bothered to the scientists is “ARE WE ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE?” Till now it seems that we really are alone in the universe.

However things started to look different when NASA discovered the first earth like planet, Kepler-186F, a rocky planet that lies within the habitable zone and also similar in size to earth. Since then the Kepler Telescope has located more such planets, 1,284 new planets, nine of which were in the “habitable zone”.

As Paul Hertz, director of the Astrophysics Division at Nasa’s headquarters in Washington, said, “One of the great questions of all time is whether we are alone in the universe. We live in a time when humanity can answer this question scientifically. And the first sign of answering this question is looking at exoplanets.”

Nasa is planning to hold a press conference on Wednesday to disclose a “discovery beyond our solar system.” So there is already a hope that we will be able to hear about many such planets very soon. However it’s a well known fact that NASA has already analyzed at least dozens of such exoplanets that orbit stars other than the sun.

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