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Nepal jet crash site: All passengers and crew members bodies found


Nepal jet crash site: All passengers and crew members bodies found

nepal plane crash site

On Monday morning, a search and rescue crew arrived at the crash site in Nepal. The bodies of 14 individuals have been discovered, according to Sudarshan Bartaula, a Tara Air official.

The search and rescue crew is gathering the bodies, which have been strewn over a 100-meter radius from the primary impact point,” he said.

According to Bartaula, the plane smashed into the mountain and disintegrated.

The impact blew the bodies all over the slope. The tail and one wing of the plane appear to be intact in the photo released on social media.

Early in the morning, the aircraft dropped three rescuers from the Nepal Army, Nepal Police, and a high altitude rescue guide.

The rescuers are being shuttled because the region can only accept one chopper at the crash site, according to Bartaula.

Due to inclement weather and waning light, the search was called off on Sunday.

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According to the Republica newspaper, Inda Singh of Dana, who arrived at the crash site, the jet was located in a damaged state.

The plane was not on fire, according to Singh. After colliding with a nearby cliff, the plane could have crashed.

Despite the fact that the bodies are in good condition, he believes no one will be found alive. This is most likely due to the fact that the fire did not start.

He stated that the dead bodies are in good condition and that all of the victims’ faces are identifiable. SL provides 1,500 litres of kerosene to fishermen from India.

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