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Odisha guy detained for throwing rocks at trains in Kannur, Kerala


Odisha guy detained for throwing rocks at trains in Kannur, Kerala

odisha guy detained in kerala

According to the police, a migrant worker from Odisha was apprehended after reportedly throwing stones at two passenger trains in Kannur, Kerala, last week.

Sarvesh, an Odia resident, has been named as the accused.

The accused reportedly threw stones at the Netravati Express and Chennai Super Fast trains on August 13 between 7:00 and 7:30 in the morning, according to Kannur Police Commissioner Ajit Kumar.

“The offender was detained after throwing stones at two trains. Sarvesh, the arrested person, had been employed as a painter in Kannur for ten years and was discovered to be drunk, according to the police.

After looking through over 200 CCTV recordings, he was discovered.

The accused has admitted to perpetrating the crime, and authorities are now looking into the case in accordance with that.

On the recently launched Bengaluru-Dharwad Vande Bharat Express train, there was a reported incident of stone-throwing last month.

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The Kadur-Birur stretch of the Bengaluru-Dharwad Vande Bharat Express was attacked with stones at 8:40 am, according to officials.

Officials stated that no one was hurt, but that “the outer glass of C5 coach seat numbers 43, 44 and the EC-1 coach toilet were damaged.”

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