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Parliament’s new building is scheduled to open this month


Parliament’s new building is scheduled to open this month

new parliament building new delhi

On Tuesday, authorities announced the new parliament building was nearing completion and might open by the end of the month.

They claim that cleanup of public buildings has begun, but the government has made no announcement on the new structure’s grand opening.

The new parliament building has been under construction for two years.The revitalization of the Central Vista, the nerve centre of the country, includes the construction of the new structure.

The Central Public Works Department is currently working on a project that includes the construction of a new office and residence for the prime minister, as well as a new enclave for the vice president, and the renovation of the three-kilometer route between the Rashtrapati Bhavan and India Gate.

New parliament building to be completed by month’s end. Sources, however, say that an official opening date has not been set.On May 30, when the nine-year term of the BJP government ends, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to officially open the new parliament building.

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Hardeep Singh Puri, minister of housing and urban affairs for India, indicated in November 2017 that the government could choose whatever date it wanted for the building’s grand opening.

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